6 Core Aspects to Consider When Choosing Website Themes

18 Aug , 2017 News

6 Core Aspects to Consider When Choosing Website Themes

Settling on the best theme for your e-commerce website is not a stroll in the park. Numerous website theme designers exist who promise that their products have excellent inbuilt features, are elegant and deliver great results in a click or two. In actuality, the themes fail to live up to those traits. This outline tells you what to look for in a website theme to avoid getting gamed:

  1. The website themes should have valid HTML and CSS

It is highly recommended that you test a theme’s code for HTML and CSS validity. Testing will show you whether your code has errors or not. You can utilize ‘’W3 validation” tool to check the validity of your theme’s code. Almost all theme developers incorporate live theme preview pages to allow buyers to validate codes. Validation is critical as superior coding is one of the parameters search engines use to rank sites.

  1. Your chosen website theme should have responsive design.

Due to the proliferation of mobile phones, more people perform most of their searches using mobile devices. Responsive design means your e-commerce website will easily adapt its layout to any mobile device. Choosing a website theme that is not responsive will negatively impact customer experience and ultimately, your search engine rankings.

  1. Useful website themes have elegant designs and up-to-date functionalities

Beautiful things hypnotize everyone. Website themes are no exception. A theme is one website feature that motivates customers to stay on your page long enough. If your design is dull, customers will simply bounce off.

Any contemporary theme has to be fully compatible with the most popular extensions or should come with inbuilt extensions. Also, every theme should be accompanied by documentation, which walks you through the functionality of the theme and the modalities of working with the features.

  1. Your themes for e-commerce website must exhibit cross-browser compatibility.

I bet you’ve come across website themes that work fine in a particular browser, but breaks down when opened in another browser. To alleviate this issue, always choose a theme that is compatible with multiple browsers. You can achieve this by testing their live preview in various browsers before purchasing it.

  1. Website themes should allow for easy customization.

Business dynamics change every day, and you need to tweak your page from time to time to conform to these changes. A website theme that offers the greatest possibilities for customization allows you to tweak and finesse your theme to conform to these changes.

  1. Website themes need to be SEO friendly

Every site owner wants their site to rank high on Google, which is why they focus a lot on SEO. If you want your site to stay on the first page of search engines, you had better buy an SEO friendly theme. Buy themes for e-commerce website from popular theme providers like Elegant Themes and Theme Forest to get truly SEO friendly website themes.

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